Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photo of the day

Todd rolling around in the garden dirt this past weekend.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My sister has an etsy shop now

My sister finally set up an etsy shop where she's selling some of her artwork. Check it out!

One of her specialties looks to be pet portraits. The example she's using is our dad's African Grey parrot, Buddy.

Her shop is much more sophisticated than the one I wanted to open for selling cat toys.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First and second flowers

Here are the first and second batches of crocus this year! The second ones just flowered today.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A month late for Groundhog's day

Here's godfrey the groundhog in his mound of dirt, mentioned in my Valentine's Post. I bought a pattern download through Mochimochi shop. I left the eyes off the dirt mound as per Corrie's request.

This worked up really fast. It was pretty easy, except I had a hard time getting the hat to look right on him without covering up his ears.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Living Room Color

Corrie had had enough of our "cakebatter" white walls throughout most of our first floor, so he stepped it up and picked a few colors to look at for the living room. We now have 3 walls in rattan.

When he painted just a swatch, we were afraid we'd made a big mistake, but now that there's a couple of coats on, it's looking pretty good. It looks nice with the woodwork, and I think we can find a lot of other colors to add to the room that will look nice. However, it clashes with our green curtain aka a green sheet, so now we've been talking about "window treatments". I feel like an adult! I told Corrie this color makes it look like responsible adults live here. (the white walls made it seem like an apartment.)

As he goes, Corrie is working on the window trim and patching some drywall cracks. We could eventually have a finished living room!

I've been thinking about decor, too. I bought a shadow box to use for some of the trinkets we've found around the house while remodeling. I'm bummed because I've misplaced the World War II ration stamp I wanted to include in the display.

The foil milk carton top has separated itself from its velcro, and I'm saving a spot for a c. 1910 postcard we found, too, so I need to do some rearranging. The other items are more milk carton tops, a Gold's department store tag for what I'm guessing was a pair of shoes, a Fuller Brush company whistle that I found under the porch, and a button with a lyre on it. This is just a small sampling of the stuff we've found. The rest is for another post.